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The secret of skill lies in the desire to excel!

We only want one thing: to give you the internet presence you WANT! — and we CAN do that.

We at Frontend GmbH are specialised in the implementation of the presentation level, i.e. the part of an application that the viewer can see, for example a graphical user interface (GUI). But also the functions behind it belong to our craft. Our team includes not only frontend developers, but also backend specialists.
There are therefore no limits to the implementation of your wishes and requirements.


Hypertext Markup Language is a language for structuring digital content. HTML represents every common browser. In the 5th generation, it also supports video and audio processing.


Beside HTML CSS is the basic tool of modern internet pages and web applications. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and takes care of formatting, animation and user interaction.


On the server side we work with PHP.
It offers several advantages for websites. There are numerous hosting providers that support the programming language, because it is very variable and therefore usable for many different purposes.


SASS and LESS are two common CSS generators that make CSS easier to use and maintain.


A framework provides a programming structure that can be used for the development of dynamic websites. The different frameworks provide guidelines that create a uniform interface structure.
Some of the most used frameworks are: Bootstrap, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend — throughout many years of experience we have worked with many different frameworks.
Do you have programming problems or would you like to switch to another framework?
Then feel free to contact us.

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Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap from Twitter is a framework that standardizes HTML and CSS to enable fast, targeted work. It is the ideal tool to create responsive websites.


Parallax Scrolling is a new method where parts of the website move faster or slower than others when scrolling or depending on the mouse movement.
Parallax scrolling is often used for one-page websites or for storytelling, e.g. to present a product or to sell it.
Achieve an optical wow effect with Parallax effects!

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Unlike many other web languages, JavaScript is timeless. It runs directly in the browser and allows interactions and animations. Almost every browser supports JavaScript and countless frameworks facilitate the handling and improve the clarity of this very variable and adaptable language.

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Keep your site up to date - with a Content Management System

A CMS offers you the possibility to maintain the contents of your site comfortably and efficiently. Each CMS offers different advantages. We help you with the decision and find with you, the CMS suitable for you. We adapt every content management system individually to your needs and wishes.

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A good frontend is based on a good backend. We have a wide range of knowledge, from both areas!
- Frontend GmbH

Frontend Developers

Our highly qualified frontend developers are here to support you with the implementation or creation of your site. Do you have problems to realize the necessary functionality of your website or to realize your created design drafts according to your vision and requirements? — We will help you! You concentrate on your ambitions and we implement your requests at high quality and under consideration of current security and performance standards.

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Companies that already trust us:

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Our team does not only convince with its high-quality frontend knowledge, but can also convince in the backend area with qualitative work. Therefore, you are welcome to send us any inquiries you may have. Please use the contact form below and we will start a new project together.

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