Small & Medium-Sized Companies – Easy

Your first great WordPress-page!

We have a special offer for small to medium-sized companies and individuals. Your individual Wordpress website.

Created specifically for you!

We use no ready-made themes, but create a design especially designed for your needs.
In this way, we ensure that everything from the first step - the planning -to the last step - handing over the finalized website - is executed professionally.

Advantages of custom themes

  • Your design is unique
  • No unnecessary functionalities
  • The design reflects your company
  • Fast page building (no unnecessary elements)
  • Consideration of industry-specific needs

This is how it works

  • Planning: We plan your website with you. We make sure that the website with your character will meet your goals.
  • Design: Here we design the layouts determined in the planning. You will then have the opportunity to submit improvement requests twice.
  • Conversion: We convert your page into Wordpress. First we host it on our test server.
  • First filling: You create the contents (texts and photos). We initially fill your page with these contents.
  • Going Live: After everything is satisfied, we move the page to the live environment.
  • Introduction: We show you how to handle your new WordPress page. No previous knowledge required.
  • Maintenance: (Not included in the price) If after a while you need alterations, we will be happy to help you.

This is what we develop

Wordpress works with themes. A theme is a template for pages. Any number of pages can be created from one template. These are the same in layout, but differ in content.

The offer "Small & Medium-Sized Companies - Easy" contains 5 templates.

Usually these templates are used as following:
- Startpage-Template: The start page is mostly the most complex page. This template can also be used to create landing pages for advertising campaigns.
- Performance page template: If you offer more than one service, it is recommended to use one of the templates for performance pages.
- Contact page: Usually one of the templates is used to display an extensive contact page with a map and a web form.
- Text page: One of the templates must be used to display a page with continuous text. This template is used to display the imprint and the data protection page.
- Blog article and blog article overview: (We count this as one template, although there are actually two.) Instead of blog articles, events or workshops can also be listed.

How much does it cost?

We estimate a work input of approx. 4 days, which means your website costs approx. 2500€ at the end.

If necessary, we will also support you afterwards within the framework of a service contract.

Get in contact with us.

Request your non-binding offer and a detailed consultation now! - Write us directly via the contact form and we will get back to you within a short time.

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