What is Frontend? What is Backend?

What is Frontend? What is Backend?

In the following we focus on the meaning of the word and its syntax, the evaluation of a good frontend and its developer.

Frontend definition:

Frontend is the presentation layer, it’s that part of an application, which the user can see. For example as a graphical user interface (short: GUI). The frontend is often a composed from to parts:

On the whole it can be noted that by talkig about a website, you also talk about its frontend. Everything you can see on an website, - fonts, colors, menus, buttons, tables and many more - were coded and/or assembled via html, css, JavaScript and for example the graphics for this site were produced with Photoshop. With this mix of coding and designing you have a wide range of possibilities for the individual designs for an application. The frontend closes the gap between interface and the actions which run in the background.
This makes an user interaction with the backend possible, which would otherwise be difficult or require a high level of specialized know-how

Recommendation — What is the hallmark of a really good frontend?

The frontend is the first thing a user sees.The first impression counts - “You never get a second chance to make a first impression“.

Frontend developer — fields of activity and qualifications

Syntax — What is the correct spelling? ‘Frontend‘ or ‘front-end‘?

…or even ‘Front End‘. It exists a lot different spellings, but they still have al the same meaning.Es existieren unterschiedliche Schreibweisen, doch alle haben die gleiche Bedeutung. By the time the term established, different spellings were used and never a 'correct' / unified designation was set.
- Therefore we consider all variants as correct and accept them equally.
(Its the same issue with backend, back end or back-end.)


the backend is decleared as the data access layer. That means it'sthe part of an application that is not visible to the user (contrasting the frontend).
It contains all programming of the application and the administration area.

for example on a website, you first encounter the frontend, ie the user interface. The frontend lets you interact with the backend. As soon as you enter information, they are transferred to a database on a server.

To make an application functional, you need the backend, which takes care of the implementation of the functions. You as an user can't see all those programming, for the functions that run in the background.

The person behind these steps is called the backend developer. He or she also uses programming languages ​​such as PHP.

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